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Angry Birds for PC free Download


App Details

APP Name
Angry Birds Classic
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Game, Puzzle
Last Updated
Apr 11, 2019
4.1 and up

The eggs have been taken by the pigs! Getting them back is your responsibility along with your flock. Level up your birds, select the best cap for the occasion, and launch them at the pigs’ towers to finally bring them down. There is something for everyone, whether you want to be the best in competitive PvP, form a clan with your friends, push yourself and play offline, or simply collect cool caps.

App Specification

The current version of Angry Birds is 3.2.1. Android 5.0 or above is required. Play Store by Google 100,000,000+ downloads have occurred to date. You can disable in-app purchases anytime but if you wish to purchase it ranges between $0.99 – $99.99 per item. The Content rating is for Everyone. The Interactive elements are In-game purchases. Released on 23-Jul-2015. It is offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Editors View

Enter the most fun and intuitive puzzle game ever created, complete with all-new dynamic gameplay! Because the Birds are sleeping in a Dreamworld, everything is a lovely experience! Blast Dream Bubbles to release Pig locks and clear interesting stages or play fun weekly challenges with your buddies.


Daily Objectives

Do you have a moment? Complete a daily challenge to get instant prizes.

Level Up 

Level up your characters with feathers to increase their score potential. Create the ultimate flock!

Form A Clan

Join with friends and players from all around the world to take down the pigs.

Participate In the Arena

Compete against other players for some friendly bird throwing a fun and see who comes out on top.

Collect Silly Hats

Collect hats with various interesting themes to raise your flock’s fashion game and participate in special events.

Impress The Mighty Eagle

By completing special challenges in Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp and earning coins for his private shop.

Loads Of Levels 

Play hundreds of levels, with new ones released regularly and during limited-time events.

Leadership Boards

Compete against your friends and other gamers to see who can top the worldwide leader boards.

Select Your Bird.

Choose which bird to throw in the slingshot and use tactics to fight the pigs!

Multi-Stage Levels 

Play through exciting, tough levels with many stages – but beware of Boss Pigs!

Downloading Is Completely Free!

 Although Angry Birds 2 is free to download, there are optional in-app purchases available.

Game Features and Game Play 

The player may only select up to three characters at a time; the remaining ones will always emerge once the characters are launched. As a result, certain characters might operate better on constructions while being weaker on others. The levels are organized into several “zones,” one after the other.

When all the pigs in a zone are popped, the player advances to the next zone, and so on until the level is completed. After completing a level, the player will be awarded one, two, or three stars based on their performance. To launch a character, the user must place their finger on the slingshot and drag it to the desired location. They will be given a trail of white dots when aiming that will anticipate the region the character will move through. The character will be launched if the finger is released. The user may now tap anywhere on the screen to let them perform their unique skill. They will, however, only be able to use it once and will not be able to utilize it if they connect with any surface.

System of Scoring

There is a scoring system in the game that includes several mechanisms that impact the player’s number. A Hatchling, for example, will add its own flock strength to the level of your slingshot and multiply that number by 8. (Total amount of birds in your flock). The scoring multiplier might change during events such as Hatchling Fever. There are two separate stats for completing a portion of a typical level:

“Strike!” – Adds 25,000 points to your score for employing exactly one bird to accomplish a level segment.

“Birdie!” – Adds 10,000 points to your score for utilizing exactly two birds to accomplish a level portion.


Normal Level: The player must pop pigs to clear a sequence of zones. Level 1 is where you’ll find it first.

Hard Level: Like Normal Levels, but tougher. It first debuted on level 24, and it is difficult to find.

Score Level: The player must obtain a specified number of points. These levels feature endless zones, but they stop as soon as the player obtains the required points. These are the most elusive levels in the game. The first appearance was in Level 18 and the last was in Level 63.

Boss Level: The same as the Normal Levels. However, in the last zone, a monster pig will arrive, which the player must defeat to win. The boss has a health gauge that indicates his or her health. The boss and the piglets will be defeated if the gauge is empty. Level 5 was the first to include it.

Characters that can be played

Bomb: Detonates instantaneously when tapped or after some time when it collides with anything. Can effectively disintegrate stone. His explosion damages many items in his path.

Bubbles: Inflates when tapped or after a period, then deflates. He has a strong ability to disintegrate wood, and when he activates, he destroys any material within range.

Chuck: When tapped, he accelerates, gaining momentum and power. Extremely effective in destroying wood.

Hal: When launched, it spins and moves in the other direction when tapped. He can demolish wood quite well, and when he uses his ability, he may destroy much more.

Matilda: When tapped, she lays an explosive egg that explodes once it hits on anything as she launches herself up. Can easily damage materials, but not stone. The egg devastates a wide spectrum of materials. When tapped, it emits crimson sound waves. Materials cannot be destroyed effectively.

Stella: When Stella uses her power, she elevates herself and the items around her into bubbles that float in the air for a few seconds. Following that, the bubbles rupture, and the things contained fall to the ground. Materials cannot be destroyed effectively.

Terence: Has no talent. He can, however, effectively demolish materials.

The Blues: Triplets who split up when their ability was activated. Glass is particularly nicely destroyed. 

Leonard: Launches three snot bombs at his victim, sending him flying oppositely before colliding with something.

Silver: She launches herself straight down at her objective.


Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzle video game that attempts to imitate the gameplay style of previous Angry Birds titles. The basic goal, like with previous games, is to pop all the pigs in the stages, which are housed inside constructions constructed of glass, wood, and stone, among other materials. To pop the pigs, the player must use a slingshot to launch a limited number of characters. If players run out of characters before popping all the pigs, they will have to spend gems or free bird tokens to continue, or they will get a Level Failed screen and lose a life.

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