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Released in 2000, Daikatana was a highly anticipated first-person shooter game developed by Ion Storm. The game had promised unique gameplay and revolutionary features, but its launch was surrounded by controversy and disappointment.

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The Concept and Development

The concept of Daikatana was ambitious – players would travel through time, accompanied by two AI companions with unique skillsets, in search of a mystical sword to defeat the evil dictator Kage Hoshi. The game was marketed as a groundbreaking experience, with the creator John Romero claiming it to be “the game you’ve been training for your whole life”.

The development of Daikatana was plagued with issues – from missed deadlines to constant changes in the game engine. These setbacks led to a delay of two years, causing the hype to dwindle and expectations to rise.

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The Infamous Ad Campaign

To further increase the hype for Daikatana, a controversial ad campaign was launched by Romero. The ad read “John Romero’s about to make you his bitch.” This aggressive and provocative slogan caused public backlash and backlash from within the gaming community. Many believed that this ad was arrogant and disrespectful towards players.

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The Launch and Reception

Daikatana was finally released in May 2000, but it failed to meet the high expectations and the promised innovative gameplay. The game was plagued with numerous bugs and glitches, leading to poor reviews and low sales. The AI companions, which were supposed to be a revolutionary feature, were more of a hindrance than a help. The levels were also criticized for being repetitive and uninteresting.

The game also had technical issues – long loading times, choppy graphics, and game crashes. These issues were magnified by the fact that Daikatana was released during a time when there were other popular and critically acclaimed first-person shooters in the market.

The Fallout

The failure of Daikatana had a significant impact on Ion Storm, leading to the closure of one of its studios and laying off of employees. John Romero’s reputation as a game designer was also damaged, and his departure from Ion Storm soon after the release of Daikatana further added to the controversy.

The Legacy of Daikatana

Despite its controversial launch, Daikatana still holds a place in gaming history. It serves as a cautionary tale of ambitious promises and the consequences of overhyping a game. Some players also praise the game for its unique ideas and concepts, which were ahead of its time.


In conclusion, Daikatana is a game that sparked controversy even before its release and failed to live up to expectations. Its launch serves as a valuable lesson for game developers and marketers, while its legacy continues to intrigue and divide gamers. Despite its flaws, Daikatana remains an important part of gaming history and serves as a cautionary tale for the industry.

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